Attendee demographics

UX Brighton 2017

UX Brighton, 3rd November. A one-day conference for UX people

How our audience data can help you decide if sponsoring UX Brighton is for you

To give you a brief, yet detailed overview of our audience, we’ve crunched the data from our previous conferences.

If you have any questions, email or DM @uxbri (DMs are open). Don't forget to take a look at our sponsor pack.

How many attend?

Typically 300+ delegates. We’re aiming for higher numbers this year as we are in a larger venue.

What kind of jobs do they do and what level are they?

A high percentage of people working in design and related industries.

You’ll meet decision makers, influencers and those with purchasing power - perfect if you want to promote your product.

Also people looking for new opportunities. If you’re hiring, it’s a great way to meet potential candidates, even pre-interview them. We’re happy to promote your relevant vacancies as part of a sponsor package.

Pitching product or headhunting - you've got a captive, savvy audience ready to be impressed.

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Where do they come from?

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And what kind of companies do they come from?

American Express logo BBC logo Balsamiq logo Brandwatch logo Clearleft logo Crunch logo cxpartners logo EBay logo EasyJet logo Freeagent logo GitHub logo LastFM logo Macmillan logo Ogilvy logo Royal Mail logo Tesco logo The Guardian logo Twitter logo University of Oxford logo

What is the gender split?

Our audience is 32% female, 68% male – more than double the 15% industry norm for women. Source: PWC, 2017

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Who has sponsored UX Brighton previously?

Companies selling software and products to aid UX and designers; Secondary services; UX agencies; Large companies looking to hire.

Balsamiq logo Brandwatch logo Clearleft logo Crunch logo cxpartners logo Freeagent logo GitHub logo Tesco logo

Sponsorship opportunities

If you're interested in sponsoring, please take a look at our sponsor pack.

“We're excited for the opportunity to sponsor again!”
– Balsamiq, Silver sponsor of UX Brighton 2012-2016

“It was a great opportunity for us to reach our target audience of small businesses and freelancers. We had good traffic to our stand and had some great conversations with attendees and the event itself was really interesting with great speakers.”
– Freeagent, Gold sponsor of UX Brighton 2012