Friday 3 November, Brighton Dome

More data… more products… more competition… emerging skills… emerging tech… the next billion… all adding up to complexity and chaos!

UX Brighton 2017 is a conference about complexity.

Eight thought-provoking speakers have been carefully chosen to talk about how confronting complexity can improve the way we create digital products, such as responsive websites and mobile apps.

Take a day off to learn the latest in UX and meet people who do what you do.


Liz Keogh

Liz is an independent Lean and Agile consultant based in London. She is a well-known blogger and international speaker, a core member of the BDD community and a contributor to a number of open-source projects including JBehave. She works with subjects as diverse as haiku poetry, complexity thinking, effective personal feedback and OO development, and has a strong technical background with almost 15 years’ experience in delivering and coaching others to deliver large-scale enterprise applications, which she now combines with a focus on psychology, NLP and adult learning. She has pioneered the application of learning models in measuring Agile maturity and coaching progress, and is currently interested in modelling risk and change with complexity thinking and the Cynefin framework. Liz was awarded the Gordon Pask award in 2010 for deepening existing ideas in the Agile space and “coming up with some pretty crazy ones of her own”. She is also a science fiction writer and published poet.


James Box

James is Director of UX at Clearleft, he is an experienced digital design professional with a heavy skew towards UX and Lean practices. He’s most at home leading highly collaborative, multidisciplined teams within an iterative design process, whether that is for an early stage startup or an established for-profit business. His previous clients include the BBC, Channel 4, Pearson, the BFI, Amnesty International and NBC Universal. James co-authored the book Undercover User Experience Design and has spoken at design events around the world including South by Southwest, UX Australia, Tech4Africa, UXLondon and the Web Apps Summit.


Aleksandra Melnikova

Aleks is an Experience Design Director bringing the power of connected disciplines into design, research and team management. Being trained in Arts and Product Service Systems design is a combination that enables her to make any project, no matter the size, her playground by creating new methods, tools and approaches, frequently challenging the existing structures and status quo. Over the last 10 years, she has worked both client and agency side and has led and successfully delivered (digital) experiences for companies like VISA, Lloyds, TSB, SKY, Aviva, VSO, GSK and British Airways. Aleks currently leads the Experience design team at Radley Yeldar, her role being to connect the company from within, driving experience excellence and strategy.When not at work, she collaborates with a few UK universities, blogs about the connections between literature, art and design and spends time suspended in the air trying to become a pro at aerial arts.


Gerry McGovern

Gerry has published six books about the need for customer-centricity in the online world. His latest book, Transform, explains why digital transformation is far more about culture change than technology change. Gerry has spoken and consulted on online customer experience in 35 countries. His company, Customer Carewords, specializes in helping large organizations (such as Microsoft, Cisco, European Commission, and VMware) deliver a better customer experience online through focusing on making the top customer tasks easier to find and simpler to do.


Karen Cham

Director of Rhizometric Design and Professor of Digital Transformation Design at the University of Brighton

Karen has 23 years experience in human centred digital transformation design and design methods for complexity. Her first website project was in 1994 and first machine learning project 1996. Working with companies like Playstation, Diesel, Which?, Top Shop, Absolut Vodka and The Ministry of Sound, she has researched and designed Brain-computer interfaces, AR, VR, haptics, computer vision, machine learning, automatic signal recognition and AI.

Professor Cham’s research focus is end user engagement and narrowing the gap between people & machines to create emotional responses and nudge behaviour change, and has published in IEEE, Intellect, Routledge, Palgrave and the British Computer Society. She is also a pre-publication Manuscript Reviewer for Berg, Palgrave, AVA, Routledge, Taylor Francis and Bloomsbury. Karen also speaks at conferences worldwide and is a Women in Games Ambassador.

Simon Wardley

Simon is a Researcher for Leading Edge Forum and the lead practitioner for Wardley Maps advisory service, helping clients anticipate market and ecosystem developments. He has spent the last 15 years defining future IT strategies for companies in the FMCG, Retail and IT industries. From Canon’s early leadership in the cloud computing space in 2005 to Ubuntu’s recent dominance as the #1 Cloud operating system.

As a geneticist with a love of mathematics and a fascination in economics, Simon has always dealt with complex systems, whether it’s in behavioural patterns, environmental risks of chemical pollution, developing novel computer systems or managing companies. He is a passionate advocate and researcher, having published reports in the fields of open source, commoditisation, innovation, organisational structure and cybernetics.

Simon is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide, and has been voted one of the UK's 50 most influential people in IT.




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