UX for Kids

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This event will attempt to give a broad overview of the challenges and rewards when designing for children.

It's easy to lump "kids" under one banner, but developmentally and in cognitive terms they're very different as toddlers than they are as a five year olds and again as eight year olds.

Thinking of coming? If you're a designer, UX-person, copy-writer, web or mobile app-developer, a product-owner or anyone who's interested in creating digital products for children, then you should definitely come!

We'll look at involving children in the design process, how we can engage pre-school children, what techniques we should use when we need to address children of differing abilities and how we can build low-fidelity prototypes to quickly address design issues.

Leanne Dougan & Liz Leakey

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Leanne Dougan - Senior User Experience Designer, BBC, Future Media - CBeebies and CBBC at BBC

Liz Leakey - Creative Director, User Experience & Design at BBC Future Media

Leanne Dougan is acting Creative Director for BBC Content Discovery. Leanne has worked at the BBC almost 8 years and during that time has worked across products such as iPlayer, The Red Button and BBC Children's where she was design lead across apps, sites and games across CBeebies and CBBC.

How to involve children in the design process

This talk will examine the different techniques used while working with children as design partners in the design of technology. Dressing up, mixing ideas, Playmobil and Lego are great tools for generating new design ideas. Colouring pens, stickers and cardboard mockups of devices are great tools to create low-fidelity prototypes.

Monica Ferraro - User Experience Consultant, Webcredible and Playhows. UXPA Secretary.

speaker-photo At Playhows, Monica is a user experience consultant specialising in children. Playhows help companies create better experiences for products and services through a children-centred design approach. Their work focuses on involving children directly in the design process, giving their needs and requirements extensive consideration at every stage of the process.

Little users: UX considerations for pre-school children

UX specialists Filip Healy, Mansha Manohar and George Green will discuss some of the challenges of conducting user research with children under 4 and some of the design opportunities and principles that are important for this audience. In particular touchscreens have really lowered the entry level language and motor control skills required to interact with computer programs. On the one hand this provides great opportunities in early education and for busy parents to keep their children engaged, but on the other it raises some very serious ethical questions about what is an acceptable age to start encouraging children to interact with devices.

Filip Healy, Mansha Manohar, George Green - User Experience Consultants for Amberlight

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Amberlight have been involved in numerous projects researching how children and families use technology. They have worked for companies such as BBC, Disney, Sony Playstation, Children's Society, Orange and Microsoft across a range of technologies from websites to games consoles. They have worked closely with schools, parents and academics to train their consultants and tailor their methods for working with children of all ages.

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