Personalising the Experience

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This evening event covers the subject of personalisation. Our speakers will be covering various aspects of personalising websites and apps for improved user experience. They will be discussing different approaches and how new technology has enabled true one to one personalisation leading to truely personalised experiences.

More details will be available on the talks soon but we highly recommend buying your ticket ASAP as this event is likely to sell out. Ticket price includes a beer or two, and possibly some pringles.


Steve Cathcart

Steve has recently joined The Student Room Group to define and lead a new data and personalisation strategy and he will be talking about about his approach to tackling a personalisation strategy, how to get started, what to expect and more.

The Student Room Group have invested in some exciting new data and personalisation technologies, and it is up to Steve to ensure these are used effectively to give their students the best possible experience. Steve’s end goal is to build a single view of the customer to deliver true one to one personalisation across all touchpoints including web, email and mobile apps.

He’ll be drawing on his own real world examples, including his time with TUI UK&I, where he was responsible for growing eCRM revenue from £100m to well over half a billion. During his time working for the Thomson and First Choice holidays head office, Steve was responsible for cutting edge behavioural targeting programs that were rolled out across Europe, and looks to continue his success at TSR.

This presentation will focus on personalisation as a platform to drive a joined up customer experience across platforms such as website, CRM etc. to drive customer engagement and satisfaction.

Steve is the Winner of multiple data marketing awards, including the Grand Prix at the Marketing Week Data Strategy awards. He is currently Data Marketing Manager at The Student Room Group.

Harry Brignull

Most products have a ladder of engagement - a series of actions or stages that a user will progress through in their journey from novice to expert. If your product has a reasonable amount of depth to it, it’s very hard to know when to talk to your users about the more complex end of your feature set, to help them move up the ladder of engagement and get more value. Too soon and you’ll overwhelm them; too late and they’ve already gone somewhere else. Email marketing systems can do a lot of clever stuff involving automated segmentation and targeting, but the problem with email is that it’s email - it doesn’t happen inside your app where you’ve got the user’s undivided attention. Surely there’s some way of taking these principles and applying them inside your app’s UI? This talk investigates this premise and looks at the design challenges involved in helping users “ramp up” and climb the ladder of engagement.

Harry is an Independent User Experience Consultant. Recent clients include HMRC, Lloyds Pharmacy, and The Telegraph. Harry’s personal websites include and

Joe Doveton

Joe is highly a experienced digital business leader with expertise in traffic driving disciplines (display advertising, social, SEO, PPC, App Store Optimisation) and conversion (usability, MVT/AB testing) and an holistic approach to both.

Talk details coming soon.